About Patient№6

All our life is built on brain reactions and impulses, the same is about my works. I can not explain the meaning of my pictures or the sense of my figures. I don't know what I wanted to say by these - it's like an impulse of pain to brain. And these impulses are created by the action of different human and non-human factors. And I'm sick, because this has no limits. Patient No.6

Psychiatric art of №6


Hello! I have collected for the project "White and Red" is more than 200% of the money. It's cool! Thank you very much for your support!Thanks for Contributions :  Doubleparlour (Cassandra Velasco), Stephen Eckert, John Berkenkopf, Tracy Thomsic, Nicolai Hertle, Christopher Thompson, Matthew Fitch, Marissa Epstein, Jeremy Brautman, Rudolf van der Heijden. Guys thank you very much for your support, you're the best!!!

Also, with all my heart I want to thank for the information support: Jeremy Brautman (www.jeremyriad.com), John Stokes(www.spankystokes.com), Nicolai Hertle (www.figurestuff.posterous.com), Andy Heng (www.toysrevil.blogspot.com),Brian Szabelski (www.tomopop.com), Brian Slivka (www.plasticandplush.com), Den Kazakov (www.vinyltoys.kz), www.man-e-toys.com.  Thank you for having spread the information about my project all over the world!!! Thank you!

Patient No.6


Blood group : Second / Rhesus affilistion : "+" / Types of transportation : can  go /date and time recived : 06.11.1986 / brench : psyhiatric / chambler : No93 / conductind patient days : 8395 / age: 25 / diagnosis of the sending instution: creative prople / diagnosis admission : creative people / the diagnosis of clinical: creative people / final clinical diagnosis : creative people / complication : not curable / surgial procedures, methods of anesthesia and subsequent postoperative complications : was a subject of testing, psyhodelia / side effects of drugs : complication preliminary diagnosis / the outcome of the disease : no change!